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Hundreds of thousands of classrooms, perhaps more than a million in the world, have been equipped with what we’ll call “Classroom Projectors” over the span of the last 15 years. There has been a steady flow of technology funding from government school districts, and equipping classrooms with projectors, especially at K12 school level, has been a school priority. Teachers are relying more heavily on classroom projectors at all grades and levels. There is both a great deal of interest and a lot of activity when it comes to interactive projectors in the classroom. Just about every projector company targeting the schools is now offering multiple interactive projectors and often some very different ones. The best classroom projectors are bright, offer networking features, and require low maintenance. These projectors are small enough to move from room-to-room but powerful enough to install. From low-cost to feature-rich, Vivency Technology is best Projectors Solutions in Dubai, our projectors that meet the all customer requirements (from DLP, LCD and Laser Projectors) to meet the needs of your office or classroom. We integrate and install projectors with high quality 3D speakers in the class rooms. Projectors