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      Our PROFESSIONAL and COURTEOUS representatives are happy to support our customers both during the buying and installation process. We are proud to provide the highest quality products and best-in-class service and support. Our CUSTOMER FOCUS on quality and support has enabled us to grow in the past couple of years. All of our employees have a passion for what they do and we continue to set the bar high to make that obvious to all our customers and installers. When you shop with us, you can expect superior products at affordable prices. We offer an innovative and professional surveillance solution for every type of application and our knowledgeable staff is fully prepared and ready to assist you with your specific needs. Our satisfied customers include small and large businesses, government, schools and universities, warehouses, hotels, diverse retail establishments, a large network of CCTV installers and residential homeowners. Did you know that you can enjoy free instant access to your surveillance system right at your fingertips? Our customers are able to record, review, and monitor their home or business from anywhere at any time using the internet with no additional monthly fees. Surveillance technology continues to grow at an accelerated pace. Advancements in technology have enabled our digital recording devices to store better quality video or longer periods of time than in the past. In seconds, you can locate, backup, and provide crystal clear videos and images to the authorities, employees, supervisors, or friends. Camera video resolution is higher today than anyone could have imagined only a couple of years ago. A majority of our cameras maintain Sony image sensors which are regarded as the best in the industry. Our products and solutions are designed to bridge the gap between what is available now and in the future in order to ensure the maximum return on a very wise investment. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our products and all of our products carry a Minimum 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Our customers enjoy the best and most highly trained technical support in the industry. Additionally, we offer instructional videos, diagrams and quick start guides in effort to assist our customers and enhance their experience using our products. We understand that time is money and provide all of the right tools to get the job done quickly and effectively. Unlike the BIG BOX Stores, we specialize in the Security Camera Business ONLY. We take pride in our products, support, and extremely low return rate (less than 1%). We take pride in delivering superior products and FULL UAE SUPPORT during and after your installation. By providing a professional and quality experience we continue to work with many of our loyal repeat customers.